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Using 2D input devices for 3D games is cumbersome and inefficient. Sandios Game O enhances the user experience and increases productivity by providing a more powerful and intuitive interface than the ordinary 2D mouse.

Benefits of Using the Sandio 3D Mouse

Google SketchUp

- Increase productivity
- No need to switch between menu and objects to change views or rotate objects
Google Earth - Enjoy flying easily through the 3D landscape using only your mouse
- Users are no longer confined to only using the on-screen navigation tabs to change camera angles
Second Life - The driver is currently undergoing beta testing!
- Experience more flexibility and control
- Use the 3D mouse to navigate, while accessing your hotkeys on the keyboard
- OR use the keyboard to navigate, while assigning hotkeys to the mouse
- Up to 16 additional commands
- Completely customizable: Modify the keys to fit your 2nd Life preferences
Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Release schedule to be announced


[ "3D Mouse Benefit for PC Gamers"
Powerpoint - Download ]

First Person Shooters (FPS)
- Use the Sandio Game O for navigation and the keyboard for hot keys. You can free the left hand for game commands instead of switching between navigation and hot keys.
- OR use the keyboard to navigate while using the 3D mouse buttons for hot keys.
- Communicate better with teammate
- Invent new moves and duplicate them easier
- Up to 16 customizable commands at your fingertips
- Adapt the mouse to your gaming style!
- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time
Real Time Strategy (RTS)
- Gain significant time advantages
- Rapidly and effectively execute hot keys
- Intuitively control camera angles and views
- Manage your units more efficiently
- Up to 16 programmable buttons
- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time
Role Playing Games (RPG) &
Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)
- Improve navigation
- Map important commands to 3D Mouse buttons
- More accurate execution of commands
- Ergonomic design for comfort during longer gaming sessions
- Effortlessly and Intuitively manipulate camera views
- Up to 16 additional easily accessible commands
- Your imagination is the limit of how you tailor the mouse to fit your gaming needs!
- Fully Customizable: Save and load your game profiles at any time
AutoDesk AutoCAD &
3D Studio Max
The Sandio Game O will support these programs by the end of summer 2007

State of the art functions:
Sandio implements state-of-the-art mouse technologies in its Game O including:
- 16-bit mouse data packet
- Multiple dpi levels (400, 800, 1600, 2000)
- On the fly DPI Adjustment change dpi instantly
- Audible DPI Confirmation unique voice reporting on dpi change

The operation of the Game O 3D Gaming Mouse is easy to use. Objects and camera views change in the same direction as simple finger gestures. The object or camera view moves forward when the user pushes, backward when they pull, and turns when they twist their fingers

Programmable 3D Mouse Keys:
Users can assign up to 16 desired commands to the programmable buttons.

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