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As a MMO fan and constant player I will tell you this ¡V after programming the mouse and hitting that LOTRO sweet spot, it's been my gaming computer's mouse of choice since its arrival, and my Razer is sitting to the side unplugged. If you're looking for an edge or a helping hand, give the Sandio 3D Game O2 a shot.
November 8, 2007
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As a MMO fan and constant player I will tell you this ¡V after programming the mouse and hitting that LOTRO sweet spot, it's been my gaming computer's mouse of choice since its arrival, and my Razer is sitting to the side unplugged. If you're looking for an edge or a helping hand, give the Sandio 3D Game O2 a shot.
The Game O2 is easy to use once you get the hang of your finger placement, and the ergonomic wrist rest makes it very comfortable. The mouse can be used as a regular scroll mouse when you're not using it to play games.
November 8, 2007
VisionTek XG6 Review - 4.5/5
September 15, 2007
"Hot Key Heaven"
Ten Ton Hammer's Review
"In these 3D worlds, players can move with relative freedom - ... yet the interface (keyboard/mouse, joystick, gamepad) that we use to access these games hasn't changed drastically in the decades that have passed."
July 25, 2007
New Gaming Mouse Comes Out Shooting!
Ventury County Star's Review
"Among the notable features of the 3D Game O' is the way it responds.... All in all, Sandio has done a rather amazing job of opening up the gamers' arsenal."
June 28, 2007
Gamer's Choice Awards
3D Mouse wins the Gamer's Choice Award
"The 3D Game O' is with out a doubt a step above most gaming mice on the market. ... Sandio has successfully made their mark in the gaming community."
May 23, 2007
Editor's Choice 9/10
GameZone's Review of the 3D Gaming Mouse
"Sandio's 6DOF mouse is, no doubt, following a trend to put more control within easy access, and this is a well-realized mouse. ... Sandio's mouse is a solid product and worth checking out."
April 23, 2007
Defunct Games
Game O' rated 85%
"... it is rather simple to use. Making movements with the three joysticks is second nature, and using it as a regular mouse couldn't be more flawless."
April 12, 2007
MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game)
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
"I could do pretty much anything I needed outside of conversing with other players using the mouse alone. ... If you're looking to get away from using the keyboard so much, you might want to check it out."
April 5, 2007
Game O' Receives a B
"Sandio's Game O' PC gaming mouse is very useful for gaming..."
March 28, 2007
Game O' receives a 90%
"In addition to being able to use the 3D buttons in combination to control new degrees of freedom, they are programmable and can be used individually for whatever you like.... This allowed me to approach an enemy, begin combat and handle movement and combat all with my mouse-hand."
March 27, 2007
Game O' Review
"After trying the mouse on a few RTS... the advantage of the 3D buttons is clearly noticeable. You can change camera views, select units, panned camera angles, rotate at the same time."
March 22, 2007
PC Gamer Magazine
Sandio 3D Mouse earns EXCELLENT rating - 83%
"... was a definite and immediate advantage to using them to control the camera while simultaneously barking out orders to my troops..."
March 4, 2007
Sharky Extreme
Game O' Rated at 7.5 out of 10
"The 3D Game O' mouse does offer six degrees of freedom, which for some, will be a real boon to their gaming endeavors and lead to new and improved control strategies."
February 5, 2007
Game O' recieves 4.5 out of 5
" Don't just dive in without first taking advantage of the helpful practice program."
February 4, 2007
Gaming Age
Game O' Review
" really makes gaming essentially easier and user friendly"
January 11, 2007
Just RPG
3D Mouse Review
"the mouse fits well in the hand. It has just the right weight, the regular buttons work beautifully, and the 3D buttons are comfortable under the fingers."
January 9, 2007
Extreme Tech
Review of the Sandio Game O'
"Having these commands can effectively make you rely less on the keyboard."
December 4, 2006
Sandio Tech E3 Report
"By using my thumb, I could initiate strafing or jumping maneuvers without having to touch the keyboard."
May 11, 2006
World Gaming Network
First Look at Sandio Game O'
"... by the end of the demo, I was able to do all the things they said we would be able to do with relative ease"
May 4, 2006

Serious Game Summit 2006 (Washington DC)
Serious Game Summit (Booth #103) October 30, 2006 Sandio Technology Corporation, a 3D input technology company, will present its new, advanced, innovative, and highly affordable 3D input technology, 3DEasy at the Serious Game Summit 06, October 30 through October 31 in Washington DC.

3DEasy includes 3DEasy 6DOF 3D input devices and a 3DEasy Software Developer Kit (SDK). The 3DEasy input devices, which might be a mouse, keyboard or other form factors, will enable PC users to be more productive and will enhance their total experience in 3D applications, including gaming. The 3DEasy SDK helps 3D application and game developers improve usability.

“Under the leadership of Microsoft and Google, 3D applications are no longer just for engineers and artists,” explained James Hsieh, spokesperson for Sandio Technology. “Google called its SkechUp software ‘3D for everyone’ and many 3D applications today are very affordable some even free. However, no 3D input devices designed for everyday users have been both affordable and easy to use. PC users must utilize their 2D mouse together with a keyboard or an on-screen navigation tab to move in the 3D environment. They must also either memorize different key combinations or waste valuable visual bandwidth, staring at the navigation tab. The result is that 3D input is the weakest link in the 3D value chain. The new Sandio 3DEasy mouse is designed to help PC users ‘fly through’ 3D environments, as in Google Earth, with a mouse that PC users are accustomed to.”

The Sandio 3DEasy mouse series evolved from the traditional 2D mouse. PC users can use the mouse to move along and rotate about x, y and z axes. In terms of functionality, the 3DEasy combines features of a leading 2D mouse, such as Logitech G5, and the leading 3D input device, as in 3DConnexion Spaceball.

The Sandio 3DEasy is patent protected, compatible with both 2D and 3D PC applications, intuitive (the objects or camera view move toward the same direction as users’ finger gestures) and is affordable for common PC users.

Sandio’s 3DEasy SDK, combined with 3DEasy mouse, allows application developers to create new images with “6 degrees of freedom (6DOF)” which were previously impossible to implement and execute using conventional 2D mice.

Sandio’s 3D input technology is also applicable to the needs of a variety of industries and professions, including PC and console gaming, GPS, medical applications, robotics, aerospace, multimedia, virtual reality, process control, education and training, as well as benefiting the military.

Sandio Technology is offering onsite demonstrations of the 6DOF 3D Mouse, and 3D Touch Cube, at Booth #103 in Serious Game Summit 06.
October 29, 2006

BuyTV CES 2007 Product Feature of the 3D Mouse


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