4 Ways to Use Cloud Services as a Developer

When you think of cloud storage services, you might think of large companies that need to back up massive amounts of files. However, there are a variety of ways to utilize cloud storage services, including as a developer for a number of different types of applications. Developers can utilize cloud storage services for many different projects. Here are four different ways cloud storage for developers might work.

1. E-Commerce Platforms

If your development project has to do with an e-commerce platform for a business, you may be able to use cloud storage so that you don’t have to store the business transactions and information locally. Instead, whenever an individual makes a purchase, it becomes much easier to keep all the information necessary about that transaction and move it wherever necessary. These e-commerce platforms can benefit significantly from having cloud storage behind them.

2. Mobile Applications

Generalized mobile applications can do all sorts of things. The thing you’re developing may be a video game, it may be a mobile ordering system, or it may be a utility for day-to-day life. No matter what it is, however, it’s likely that you’re going to need to pay attention to application data on a regular basis. No matter what type of mobile application you’re creating, the ability to store and make changes to that application can be something that a cloud storage system can help with dramatically. In case the size of your application is huge and you witness a lot of traffic coming on it, you might also need a separate data center for your applications’ cloud storage needs. In the event that such a need arises, try to be environment-friendly by setting up a sustainable data center. If required, consider enlisting the help of professionals similar to Walt Coulston, who can help you with the same.

3. Gaming Platforms

Oftentimes, gaming platforms require some form of data storage in order to consistently grow. If you’re able to store data about the games that people play on your platform, you can more effectively discover when something is going wrong, which can lead to a solution that you’re eventually able to put into play. If you want to make sure that your gaming platform is able to grow, scale, and change effectively, cloud storage can help dramatically.

4. Artificial Intelligence Models

When you’re building an artificial intelligence model, you’re often going to have to store a truly massive amount of data. The amount of data that artificial intelligence models regularly have to read and parse is extreme, and that can make it essentially impossible to hold that information on a physical hard drive. Instead, it can be much easier to just build artificial intelligence models directly in the cloud, allowing you to hold essentially an infinite amount of data as you build the model.


Developers can use cloud services in a huge variety of ways. No matter what you’re thinking about creating, cloud storage services could be a helpful way for you to enhance your creation and make the end result even better. Hopefully, this list of potential ways for a developer to utilize cloud services has opened your mind to the variety of options available for cloud storage. Developers of all types, from e-commerce creators to app developers, may want to utilize cloud storage services to benefit their development projects.

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