5 Potential Options for Small Business Video Conferencing Services

If you’re hoping to bring video conferencing into your small business’s suite of tools, there are a variety of methods available for it. That means you have to figure out what will work best for your unique small business needs. Here are five of the best options for your small business’s video conferencing needs.

1. Google Meet

Capterra Reviews: 4.5/5, based on over 9,000 reviews

Free Trial: Available

Premium Subscription Benefits: Additional participants, longer meetings

Google Meet, which used to be called Google Hangouts, is a popular tool for video conferencing. You can download it as a web application or a mobile app, and there are plenty of options for connecting, including by telephone call. Plus, if your business uses GSuite, you already have access to the premium version of Google Meet without additional fees.

2. Zoom

Capterra Reviews: 4.6/5, based on over 6,000 reviews

Free Trial: Available

Premium Subscription Benefits: Additional participants, more data storage, call transcription options

In 2020, Zoom exploded in popularity, becoming the preferred video conferencing option for many schools, businesses, and individuals. You can access it through your browser, as a desktop application, or as a mobile app. Plus, if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can transcribe calls and host longer group meetings.

3. Microsoft Teams

Capterra Reviews: 4.4/5, based on over 3,000 reviews

Free Trial:  Available

Premium Subscription Benefits: Bundled with Microsoft 365

Previously known as Skype For Business, Microsoft Teams is an especially business-focused video conferencing option. It directly integrates with other Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook, and features are typically business-based, including tasks and calendar integration. If your company uses Microsoft Office 365, you may already have access to premium Microsoft Teams.

4. Cisco Webex

Capterra Reviews: 4.4/5, based on over 4,400 reviews

Free Trial: Available

Premium Subscription Benefits: More participants, data storage options

As one of the oldest video conferencing products on the market, Cisco Webex provides a significant variety of options, including the ability to join Webex meetings using a phone call as well as recording and playing back video. There are many different pricing options available, including a free trial as well as upgraded options of many different types.

5. Ooma Meetings

Capterra Reviews: TBA

Free Trial: Not Currently Available

Premium Subscription Benefits: Bundled with Ooma Office Pro

As a relative newcomer on the scene, Ooma Meetings is trying to solve an existing problem in the world of video conferencing by providing the opportunity for two users to screen share at once, which most current video conferencing software doesn’t allow for. The software is part of Ooma Office Pro, an overarching business-focused suite of software options that allows for much more than video conferencing.


Video conferencing services can be immensely helpful for businesses that are trying to adjust to having employees working remotely. Whether this is new for you or you’re just looking into a new video conferencing software, these five software options might be the perfect option for your business.

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