6 High-Speed Internet Services for Streaming in 2022

You may be able to stream movies and TV shows with any internet service, but if you want to get the maximum joy out of them and watch in crystal-clear 4K quality, then you need to turn to more dependable options.

Fortunately, we have the perfect list of California internet providers (who also provide internet in many other locations) that allow you to connect and stream non-stop movies and TV shows on your favorite streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.


First and foremost, AT&T is probably the most reliable internet service provider that you can consider for your streaming needs. The service enables you to enjoy mind-boggling internet speeds that can cater to almost every connectivity need. Thus, making it the perfect internet service for streaming videos.

Furthermore, AT&T internet prices are highly reasonable as compared to its competitors. The prices may seem a bit high, but that is justified by the high quality of service provided. Just have a look at AT&T bundles, there, you can find multiple services in a single plan, i.e. TV and internet, while paying a reduced sum for the services.


The next internet service that we recommend you try is Suddenlink internet. It offers all the necessary features that you would need to stream 4K movies on your favorite streaming platform.

If you are based in a rural location, internet connectivity is especially, somewhat of a concern. While you may find it hard to find services for streaming in even SD quality, Suddenlink can assist you with great ease. And with unlimited data, you do not need to shortlist the movies that you want to watch.


You cannot ignore the contributions of Xfinity when talking about blazing-fast internet speeds. This internet service proves to be the best option for most streamers since it provides you with a free Xfinity Flex 4K streaming TV box.

This device enables you to experience a rather luxurious movie-watching session since it comes with a free subscription to Peacock Premium. The service even goes as far as to offer download speeds as high as up to 1200 Mbps, which is nothing short of amazing. Then there is a voice-activated remote and a plethora of on-demand content as well to keep you entertained.


If you are a little low on your budget, and just want an internet service that takes care of your streaming needs, then Cox is the way to go. With the Cox Stream Player, you can turn your non-smart TV into the ultimate streaming device. Simply connect your Cox Stream Player to your TV, and gain access to a plethora of streaming apps for unlimited binge-watches and movie marathons.


You simply cannot neglect Spectrum internet in any scenario. The Phoenix internet providers and others like them seem to have established the name of Spectrum internet across the country by offering mind-boggling internet speeds at highly reasonable rates.

Not only does this internet provide exceptional standalone internet plans, but also offers several Double Play and Triple Play plans that are better suited for hardcore internet and TV users. And another tempting thing from this service provider is its facility for low-income households. If you qualify for its Spectrum Internet Assist plan, then you can enjoy a decent internet connection at significantly reduced rates. Though, it might not enable you to watch content in 4K; you might have to do with SDD.


Finally, CenturyLink is also worth considering. It is yet another budget-friendly internet service provider that you could turn to for streaming content online. Since this service provider is not providing cable TV services separately, all its focus is directed towards providing reliable internet for all the consumers.

The service offers unlimited data and freedom from annual contracts that further gain consumer trust. Even if you subscribe to its Fiber Gigabit plan, which offers download speeds up to 940 Mbps, you will only need to pay a minimum monthly subscription of $65, which is next to nothing for such speeds.

On a Final Note

There you have it, folks – these are the internet service providers you can turn to if you wish to enjoy 4K streaming in the year up ahead. Now it is your turn to decide which of the internet service providers above best serves your needs.

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