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I’m Luke, a 24 year old Web Developer and IT support expert. Thanks for taking time to read my blog, Sandiotech. Why Sandiotech you may ask? My beloved dog was called Sandy, she’s sadly no longer with us so I’ve immortalised her in this domain and site name.

A little about me

I originate from Boston, MA, growing up in West Broadway. As a child I was always a tech nerd so it was inevitable that I would move into that world for my career. Whilst I studied I also worked for a local IT company helping out with their support calls, if you’re reading this Kurt – ITKnowledge was responsible for getting my foot in the door. I can’t thank you enough!

First job

After I finished my studies I then took a job at an agency, coding small to medium sites and it was my first taste of corporate web development. Initially starting as a front end dev it soon become clear I preferred working on the back end but I suppose you could call me a full stack dev now if they actually exist.

Moving on to bigger and better things

My next career break and where I currently still work was joining a finance startup called Maybe. Working with a smaller team but more focused was exactly what my career needed and I’ve learned so much in a short space of time. We’re currently building out the dashboard side of things with real time statistics for our money management app. Doing some really cool stuff.


My favourite pastime. I’ve always been on the Sony side, which won’t change any time soon since they are releasing all the big Xbox exclusives on PC now. Favourite games of late? Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn. Can’t wait for the Horizon sequel, it’s going to be amazing!

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