Are Self Driving Cars Safe

self driving car

Are self driving cars safe? This is a question that has been asked and answered by hundreds of people over the years. And while the answer may vary from person to person, there are some things that remain a constant. Traditional cars, motorcycles, e-bike, e-scooter that we’re using today need an actual rider to control […]

What is a Malware Attack

malware attack

You may have heard a lot lately about what is a malware attack. Well, you must be wondering what cyber criminals are, right? Malware is short for malicious software. It’s a particular computer program which is purposely created with malicious intent to wreak havoc on a computer system, software, server, network, or client. The primary […]

Is an Electric Scooter or Electric Bike Better

Electric Scooter or Electric Bike

To answer the question, “Is an Electric Scooter or Electric Bike better than an electric bike?” we need to look beyond the features of electric scooters and e-bikes. They do share some similar features. Like televisions, both are propelled by electricity. However, they differ in how they propel the power, what power is used, the […]

Does Technology Harm your Health

Health Impact Of Technology

In the present era, is technology good or bad for your health? This is a question that has been asked by many people who have an idea about the impact of technology on the human body. The answer to this question is that personal tech devices are helpful and beneficial to human beings, but they […]

Technology You Should Have in your Home

home tech products

With today’s world of technology you should have at least one piece of technology that is indispensable. This would be a computer or laptop. These two pieces of technology are used nearly every day and it would be virtually impossible to live without one. They can help you with work or school, can allow you […]

What is Cyber Security

cyber security

What is cyber security? Cybersecurity, computer safety or information security is basically the protection of networks and computer systems from malicious attack, data loss or damage of either their physical hardware software or any form of information, and from the indirect impact or disruption of their services. The Internet has indeed given us a great […]



There are several different technologies out there when it comes to TVs, so it can be confusing as to which technology is the best. One technology that is gaining popularity with consumers is the new LCD technology. LED televisions have been around for some time but have steadily increased in popularity. While LED televisions have […]

Are Smart Televisions Worth the Investment?

smart tv

Are smart TVs worth the investment? That is a question that comes to everyone’s mind today, especially after the recent announcements by two of the major TV brands which intend to make smart TV sets (and possibly a few other technologies as well) available for sale. The real question then becomes: are smart TV sets […]

Is an iPhone the best Phone Available

best iphone

For many people, an iPhone is the best phone for a business person. It can help keep you connected to your office whether you are out on the road or at your home office. The ease of use makes it popular. But just how does an iPhone do this? The iPhone uses the GSM technology. […]

What is Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

“What is Artificial Intelligence?” is one of the most asked questions of our time. With computers, software, DVR’s, cell phones, video games and so on, the use of technology in everything humanly possible has increased dramatically. Will this increase in technology eventually cause the death of the human race? Well there are some who believe […]