Startup Guide to Social Media

There are lots of marketing techniques that you can explore, and one of which is social media marketing. There could be no doubt why social media is an important asset of today’s businesses. One main reason is that you can find your target audience easily on almost all social media platforms. Other reasons include its free access, convenience, and flexibility that you can take advantage of. If you are an entrepreneur, better yet start your social media campaign as early as today because there’s lots of good news that awaits you.

Guide to Social Media for Startups

Starting your first social media campaign doesn’t have to be tiresome. Know that it only requires a nuanced approach, and start it with the following guidelines.

Perform a Market Research

Before you begin blasting out on social media platforms, you need to delve deeper into your target audience, possible competitors, and social media behaviors. Typically, market research revolves more around your audience, and this is also the part where you would set your goal for your campaign.

Find Out the Perfect Platform for Your Business

To save your effort, time, and other resources, you need to figure out where you can see the majority of your audience. In social media marketing, it’s not required to be present on all the platforms. What’s more important is to be there where your audience is so you can interact with them.

Be Consistent With Your Handles

If you are present or have plans of being active on different social media platforms, you need to be consistent in your handles or your brand’s username. This is for your audience to recognize you wherever you are. They will also find you easily if you have a unique and consistent brand or handle name.

Plan a High-Level Marketing Strategy 

A high-level marketing strategy includes a tailored-fit plan for each platform you have. If you did your market research beforehand, this phase will be easy because you know what pain points and solutions you should propose. You can set weekly or even monthly goals like increasing followers or optimizing your content so you can see progress on your strategy.

Use Different Social Media Marketing Tools

Since you need to embrace the fast pacing development of technology in the business industry, you might want to use automation tools. Social media automation tools provide an effective way to set up a campaign with no hassle and less effort. If you’re unfamiliar with these tools you can always speak with a social media marketing team to see if they are the right fit to handle everything for you.


Being a startup can be tricky and exciting at the same time. Although to feel that way is pretty normal, you still need to step up and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills essential to keep your business running. Now that you have the guide to start your social media marketing campaign, there will be no excuses this time. Apply each one and don’t forget to bottle up your confidence. Play the competition like a pro!

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