What is Cyber Security

cyber security

What is cyber security? Cybersecurity, computer safety or information security is basically the protection of networks and computer systems from malicious attack, data loss or damage of either their physical hardware software or any form of information, and from the indirect impact or disruption of their services. The Internet has indeed given us a great way of “breaking the lines of communication,” but it does not mean we can do away with due diligence when it comes to the safety of our computers. We should always put a bit of effort into ensuring that cyber security measures are in place.

Security Threats

One thing that makes cyber security so important is that there are many different types of electronic systems out there which, if they are not protected, can pose serious threats to businesses and even to the national level. It is therefore imperative for every organization to ensure that its computer systems are adequately protected. Every organization, no matter what the industry is, should have an in-house IT department to take care of the creation, implementation and maintenance of its computer security plans. A well-built and highly secure network is much more efficient and economical than a loosely-knit network of loosely-coupled systems.

cyber security

Another aspect of cyber security is keeping track of all the users of a network. This is actually the backbone of any information system, since without authentication and encryption, any hacker would be able to gain access to just about anything on the system. Security is a matter of constantly monitoring the activity of all users on the system. This will help in identifying possible intruders and helping to block them before they get a chance to compromise the network.

There are also digital devices like digital cameras, smart devices like a smart cars, radio transmitters and other electronic equipment that serve to protect networks from threats, but sometimes they are vulnerable to attack by unauthorized users. All these forms of intrusion cannot be avoided completely, but proper cyber security planning can minimize their impact to a certain extent. A well-built firewall is a basic requirement for digital networks. This will keep hackers at bay and prevent them from accessing important files and valuable data.

Advanced Protection Measures

Many companies also use advanced physical measures to protect their networks. For example, firewalls are now common place in corporate offices as they help in protecting data security from unauthorized access. Corporate LANs and WANs are also being used increasingly to further secure data. All such devices help to strengthen the overall data security posture of the organization.

There are a number of innovative software programs that help in enhancing the data security of networks. Some of these software applications are readily available to the end-users, while others need to be licensed and purchased for use by the IT departments of organizations. These programs help to protect networks from attacks on the number of different levels. Some of these highly advanced programs help in maintaining an archive of all the data within an organization on a daily basis, while others help in defending the servers of the organizations from attacks originating from untrusted sources.

Another area of concern that is faced by all companies today is external threats. This includes hacking, which is a process that makes it possible to gain access to a computer system without authorization. Many a times, intruders have exploited the weak points of a network to gain access to vital information. Several high profile media reports have highlighted the threat to electronic information security posed by hackers.

With the strides made in the field of information technology, it is not difficult for an organization to protect its network from intruders and hackers. In fact, most of today’s enterprise-level systems use the cloud for storage of important information. The most secure cloud storage systems are based on the concept of self-service user access. Providing users with unlimited access to information at the push of a button, such systems are immensely beneficial for organizations that wish to ensure the safety of their corporate data.

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